Visiting an escape room can inspire you, and you will be able to get new ideas

various challenges

We all want our kids to have sharp minds to tackle various challenges and we want them to be engaged mentally in the process.

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The best way to achieve this is by introducing them to new and engaging activities, especially those that allow them to learn at the same time . Games like escape rooms are fun, competitive, and engaging for both adults and kids alike. The game offers a great way to get your kids engaged while they are having fun.



You might have seen your friends trying this new sensation and want to get your family involved. This article gives you the best online escape rooms for kids. This story-based game is divided into six different chapters, each of them culminating into a unique puzzle that will take you on an exciting journey.

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Arctic Life

The puzzles in the game are realistic and related to arctic life. They will take you to places such as real ships, icebergs, vehicles and more. You are in search of hidden objects to find the code that will get you out of the room. Are you ready to embark on this adventure?

Grand Theft Escape

If your kids love console games like GTA 5, they will enjoy this escape game. The game takes place in a virtual scene where you are tasked with numerous missions that include robbing banks, stealing cars, completing heists and more. The game gives you a detailed map of the city and shows all the places you can go and all the hidden items that can be found. The game is for all ages but the experience in it is going to be different for each person. Besides, you can also play it with your friends and family to see who can pass through all the puzzles. The games are engaging and they will keep you busy for hours. We recommend you try them out and you will find how exciting.

Three Chapters

This game is divided into three chapters and it involves a lot of information. In each chapter, you are tasked with finding out the truth about an incident that happened in your city. You have to find clues to every incident and solve the puzzles related to them. Moreover, you get to unlock new chapters as you complete missions. The game is a great way for kids to increase their problem-solving skills as they move from one chapter to another.


This game was developed by an award-winning team that has a lot of experience in developing escape games. It features four different rooms, each with different modern challenges. The game gives the players a unique and fun experience through an engaging story that starts in the garage and ends up in your house. This game is popular for its thrilling story and unpredictable events. In it, you have to find hidden items that might lead you out of the room. You’ll experience some challenging situations and unexpected twists to keep you on your toes. 

Online escape

Online escape rooms are great ways to get your family and friends working together to solve challenges that come their way.