Visiting an escape room can inspire you, and you will be able to get new ideas

For a Fun

Escape rooms are a unique type of game where players must use their wits and teamwork to escape a locked room. The concept of an escape room is fun and addictive for kids and adults alike.

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However, young players can get frustrated and lose interest if they have trouble completing the games. To help them have fun, but learn from their mistakes, it's a good idea to play an escape room with them. Limiting how long you can play also limits your child’s addiction to escape rooms since they won’t want to play as much when they reach their limit.


Physical Objects

Escape rooms typically use physical objects— like a lock box or a computer— as the setting for the game. Players must find clues hidden in the room and use them to escape before the clock runs out. Kids usually play in smaller, kid-sized versions of the games at children’s museums or educational institutions

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While these are good for beginners, there are several significant differences between typical adult escape rooms and kid-sized ones. Firstly, most kids’ games have time limits that limit how long players can spend in each room. This helps ensure no one gets stuck on a difficult puzzle forever.

Children Enjoy

Parents can help their children enjoy their games more by teaching them how to think and problem solve as adults do in an escape room game. Young players will learn faster if they follow instructions rather than trying to “figure it out” on their own first. Young players also tend to mispronounce words or use slang when talking about their games with adults at museums— helping them remember what they did wrong later on. By modelling how adults think while playing in escape rooms, children will be able to succeed at the same rate as adults without limits or frustration getting in their way.


However, if they are willing to put in the effort required by these games, they will find themselves having just as much fun - if not more - than adults do when playing these kinds of puzzles.

Escaping Games

Playing with friends makes escaping games more fun since friends provide moral support and positive reinforcement for playing well together. Since no one will feel pressured to finish under time limits when playing with friends, it’s also easier for players to enjoy themselves without getting frustrated or bored early on in each game.


Kids who enjoy escape rooms should be aware there are several major differences between typical adult games and those intended for younger players.